Whether you’re looking for peace of mind that your end-of-year report is accurate and well written or a second pair of eyes on marketing text, I can help by making sure that texts are error-free and compelling, whoever your reader is.

The most important strategy that I use in making sure that my services meets the needs of clients is communication: I’m careful to check that all texts are grammatically perfect and interesting and enjoyable to read, but I go beyond this by maintaining a dialogue with authors that helps me to be sensitive to their what they want to say and how they want to say it. This clear channel of communication means that, rather than simply correcting mistakes and sending back polished texts, I work with clients to provide tactful feedback and constructive criticism, helping them to improve as writers. ‘Accuracy’ to me means understanding exactly what an author wants to convey in what they write, and so ensuring accuracy is about communication, and understanding and working with authors.

My work on behalf of businesses has been enormously varied, ranging from proofreading of guidebooks, journalistic texts, and magazines to assisting in the translation of websites and copy-editing marketing material. I have worked with innovation companies like Research Institute of Sweden and InventiveBoard, governmental and international organisations including the European Parliament and the Swedish Transport Agency, and a wide variety of international companies supplying everything from water and electricity to holiday accommodation, additives for industrial rubber compounds, and trees for the purpose of offsetting carbon-dioxide emissions. 

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